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5 Tips for Creating a Book Trailer

Tywebbin Creations started creating book trailers back in 2010 when we added to them our virtual book tour services (now retired).  A client and author Tracee Garner recently featured me on her blog to talk about video trailers.

Please do checkout Book Trailer Tips from a Pro! to find out more about our process and some of the tools we use.

Tips for Creating a Book Trailer

1 | Start with a script

All book trailers start with a script as you would in the world of video editing.  You can start with your book cover synopsis.  Book trailers can make use of “text,” but you don’t want to repeat the synopsis verbatim. A script will help you keep a storytelling aspect to the trailer.

2 | Select appropriate music

I think music sets the tone for a video.  If it’s a mystery book, then you want a suspenseful feel to the music. If the book is about young adults, then you may look for a more contemporary type of music with a beat that appeals to a younger audience.

3 | Select high resolution images

The same way you use high resolution images for your book cover, stick to 300 dpi images for your trailer. It’s easier to do effects with larger images and it also makes for a crisp modern HD video.

4 |  Present the larger story

Most books have a larger story or focus. To carry the story, authors include sub-story lines. The trailer is NOT the place to try to fit everything. Focus on your main character(s) or main theme for the trailer so you don’t weigh it down with too much information. The point is to entice a reader.

5 | Keep it short

Keep book trailers 60-90 seconds.  We strive to get to that one minute mark with the script.  Shorter the better for short attention spans.

Check out our recent trailers below.  If you need assistance with a trailer, fill-out our video production form.

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